Co-creation Majdal Nateel & Annlor Codina, LINE project  phase 1, 2019
Immersive installation: 113 x 37 cm oil pastel drawing & sound + video projection on an 80 cm sphere of razor wire set on a 160 cm circle of sand..

I drew a succession of circles, contained within a precise perimeter, corresponding to the maritime access zone allocated to the Palestinians by Israel. For Majdal, these childlike blue circles reflect the special relationship between Gazan children and the sea, due to all the constraints imposed by the occupation.

To understand this complex relationship between Gazans and the sea, I did some research.
I learned that fishing is subject to an arbitrary and fluctuating navigation perimeter. Dependent on the occupier’s frequent restrictions, its surface area varies, according to tensions, from 0 to 12 nautical miles (22 km). Far from fish-filled waters.
The Israeli navy opens fire on boats that overstep the limits. Fishermen are regularly injured or even killed, and their boats damaged. The ban on access to the sea is also used as a collective punitive measure, in retaliation for Friday demonstrations for the right of return, for example.
In addition to war frigates constantly criss-crossing the horizon, Israel is building a 200m-long, 50m-wide maritime barrier in the sea. This fortified dike, sealed in the Mediterranean, is topped by a defensive infrastructure combining sensors and barbed-wire fencing, 6m above the sea. The video installation is the result of this research.
How do we see the sea? evokes the different perceptions we have of the Mediterranean Sea we share. In a seascape similar to our own, Majdal invites us to experience the particular emotions felt by Gazans.