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I began art studies after having experienced different alternative lifestyles. For a long period I lived and travelled in a van, with the city as playground, choosing the background set for each day depending on where I parked and then composing whatever came up next through who I would meet or life’s inherent hazards.

This way of living infused my artistic practice with a sense of movement, the undefined and all the possibilities of mutations, surprises, reversibility that it contains.
This life choice draws its resources from ingeniousness (theory by Michel de Certeau in L’invention du quotidien), shared knowledge and the DIY philosophy.

This expression of resourcefulness and DIY has expanded recently with the development of new technologies, the multitude of online resources from tutorials to wikipedia, the emergence of collectives like hackerspaces who offers resources swaps and share complex skills, license-free programs and open-source materials.

Since the Stochastic project my way of making is based on open-source practices to utilise the great varety of artistic potential that they offer us. Also for the capability that they have to invent new economical patterns both participatory and solidarity-driven, a place where the knowledge of each person is valued in order to build together.

My work probes and digests the different forms of violence.
I take hold of archetypes such as weapons, ammunition, barbed wire, objects linked to security or the stock-market and short circuit them from their initial function.

I plot poetical resistance strategies to disarm the aggressive potential of violent representations by steering them towards more playful and festive grounds.
I explore these conflicting relationships and their different variations through interactive installations, in which different elements coexist, interconnect, discuss with or confront each other.
For these installations I build systems that include random elements that we are unable to control, so that the final result cannot be mastered , giving the installation the possibility of a relative independence : an autonomous development.

My work dismantles and rebuilds reality to examine the mechanics of the balance of power and offer a dynamic alternative by mocking this prevailing violence.