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I have always been interested in our origins, our human nature. Where do we come from ? What are we doing here? Why life and death? Where are we going ? In my pictorial research, I try neither to give answers nor to please. I denounce, I seek a certain truth related to our human condition and a possible harmony with nature.(…)For me the three main aspects of human nature are: body, soul and spirit, intrinsically connected to each other. And these are the three aspects that have guided my painting for many years, I like, in a work of art, to feel the breath of a body, its movement in space time and its intangible / immaterial part to give life to a painting, give it body «in the flesh». It’s like a vital need for me to go back to basics, to rediscover spirituality and to restore hope.(…)

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Portraitist of a twilight civilization, Alex Less bridges the gap between anthropology and autopsy; when fantasy fights against grotesque, with sharpened streaks and vibrant colours, the artist acts as an illustrator-lawyer of the human vanity. Showing a visceral expression, often raw, which joins the fulgurism of the press drawing. With a frenetic energy, he tirelessly produces true iconic images, poetic collisions bursting with words, thrown like so many tragic haikus. Drawing, sculpture, installation, performance. Drawing, sculpture, installation, performance.

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He began his practice with plastic arts, in the Centre of Arts Graphics in Zakho 2008, and after studied Fine-arts at Duhok city 2009-2014. He has participated with differents projects and materials including wall painting, paintings, watercolor, drawing, and sculptures. He is a founding member of photography collective Jungleye.

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The wider part of my work is centered around questioning forms of power, violence, which travel across history, our societies, and the fascination they inspire. I take hold of archetypes such as weapons, ammunition, barbed wire or the world stock-market and short circuit them from their initial function. I elaborate poetical resistance strategies to disarm the aggressive potential of violent representations by steering them towards more playful and festive grounds. My work dismantles and rebuilds reality to examine the mechanics of the balance of power and offer a dynamic alternative by mocking this prevailing violence.

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