Seed Library

The purpose of this Seed Library is to help plants proliferate by offering the seeds of abortifacient plants that I grow in the greenhouse or in the field.
It counters the commercial system by drawing inspiration from the generosity of the plant world, proposing the practice of giving as an alternative and encouraging the spirit of sharing: each seed planted will produce an abundance of new seeds, which can in turn be shared with others.
Conceived in a spirit of free exchange of knowledge and seeds, the seed library facilitates the reproducibility of the A[r]bor[e]tum project anywhere in the world.
Associated with the greenhouse during exhibitions, it sometimes sprouts on its own during a free party, on the shelves of an MJC or the bar of a festival, and offers participants the chance to connect and relate to the plant world, by sowing seeds to perhaps finally consider themselves as allies or partners in care.

>>>>> List of available seeds (Dec 2023)

Please indicate here the desired species and the delivery address.

– Achillea Millefolium
– Artemisia Annua
– Artemisia absinthium
– Artemisia vulgaris
– Calendula officinalis
Daphne Gnidium
– Daucus carota
– Ecballium elaterium
– Nerium Oleander
– Petroselinum
– Ruta Graveolens
– Salvia Officinalis
– Stachys Palustris
– Tanacetum Vulgare

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