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Books, fanzines* and posters can be consulted during exhibition times, comfortably seated in soft armchairs. They support our reflections on topics ranging from auto-gynecology to testicular contraception, and enrich our knowledge.
To help us gain more active self-awareness and regain power over our bodies, links are provided here to useful resources and downloadable publications.
This collaborative list is nourished by collective intelligence and the free circulation of information. Feel free to add to it with your discoveries, publications or corrections:

* Fanzine: counter-culture publication, copyright-free DIY micro-publication documenting alternative practices and knowledge.

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Here you’ll find information about abortion and herbal contraception. Herbal abortion can be dangerous. I strongly encourage anyone interested in herbal abortion to do their own thorough research on the subject and its side effects.


Natural liberty a guide to plant-based abortion written by Sage-femme Collective
Anonymous group of professional researchers, herbalists and people involved in the women’s self-help

Les plantes emménagogues by Susun S. Weed

Avorter avec l’armoise by DocteurE Duchesne

Herbal abortion,a DIY women’s guide published by Godhaven Ink. Compiled & edited by Annwen

Plantas, anticoncepción y aborto

An easy (and wild) guide to miscarriage by activist artist Maria Llopis

Aborto o pérdida gestacional, aftercare (esp & portuguese)

Free to choose, women’s guide to reproductive freedom

Manual Introductorio a la Ginecologia Natural Chilean introductory manual to natural gynecology by Pabla Perez San Martin


C’est toujours chaud dans la culotte des filles, canadian booklet on homemade herbal gynecology

Manuel d’introduction à la gynécologie naturelle by Ginecosofia collective

It’s ok to peek, self-observation guide

Coucou, mini-guide to gynecological self-examination

Manuel d’ Examen gynécologique, published by a Swiss women’s center

Mamamélis manual of naturopathic gynecology for women by Rina Nissim (pdf in spanish)

S’armer jusqu’aux lèvres, gynecological self-help fanzine

Je suis mon corps, testimonial to a self-help group in Berlin in the 70s

Spéculum, miroirs et identités testimonial on a self-help group in Brussels in the 70s

Sans Tabou booklet based on discussions in a french self-help group

Clito… ou tard, female pleasure in the hands of anatomists, by Célia Portet

Auto-exame ginecológico e a auto-observação, guide in portuguese

Autocuidado y sanación feminista para ingobernables, from the Mujeres al borde de Bogota


Les contraceptions testiculaires

S’occuper de son sperme et être contracepté.e


Sorcières, sages-femmes et infirmières, a history of women caregivers
An essay by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English (in spanish)



Sisterzeus : for over 18 years, Sister Zeus has been experimenting with plant-based contraception and abortion. This organically dense site is packed with information.

Robin Rose Bennett,writer, teacher and herbalist has extensively studied the wild carrot as a contraceptive.


GynePUNK altergynécologie collective and its bibliosphère.

Les sorcières cyborg de la gynécologie DIY, an article on Gynepunk.

Les flux, feminist initiative for the reappropriation of gynecological knowledge.

Vulva Sapiens collective digital collection on self-gynecology.

Ginecosofia library, a South American collective focusing on gynecology.

Pointpointpoint collaborative platform for post-porn and post-gynecological actions and creations

My beautiful cervix, to find out more about cervical observation
The cervix close-up, article on cervical self-examination

Gynopédia, online resources on sexual, reproductive and women’s health care worldwide


 Information on thermal contraception

GARCON, Action and Research Group for Contraception.

ARDECOM, association for the research and development of spermato-blocking contraception.

Thomas Bouloù, youtube channel accompanying the making of testicle-lifting briefs


Abortion laws around the world.

Global database on abortion policies

Abortion on the anarchist library

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